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I am Polka and I am so angry. Hear me roar.

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i hate the internet

this is terrific.

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i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??

"I’M BLEEDING….. that’s okay i can still do it"

Wow I got tagged in another one! This time by Dazzelmethat


1. Always post the rules

2. Answer the questions given to you

3. Write eleven new questions and tag eleven people to answer them next and remember to tell them you did

4. Don’t change the rules!


1. At what time have you been waking up in the summer? Tell the truth.

Well if I had my summer job to walk up for, 7:30am. But of course left to my own devices I quickly fall back to sleeping in ‘till 10:30am

2. Add a link to your recently favorite youtube video, I want to see it.

3. What color are your eyes~

Grey blue.

4. If laws were not taken to account and you had unlimited money, what animal would you want as a pet?

I’d still have to care for the welfare of the animal, and most large exotic ‘pets’ such as big cats and such belong in the wild. So I’ll be boring and say Piranha. Because I know a place were you can buy them.

5. What sort of things did you do during recess as a child?

Run around like a dumbass, flailing my arms in my own little world. Because who needs friends? 5-11 year old me didn’t need friends when she had imagination.

6. What is the perfect midnight snack for you?

I don’t like eating at night.

7. If you were in a super cute anime with colorful hair and eyes, what colors would yours be?

Something soft and pastel, like pastel yellow, or blue or lilac. Mix and match.

8. Favorite soda (or if you don’t like soda then any other drink)

I like Fendman’s botanically brewed. Aka the Hipster Cola.

9. -whispers in low voice- Give me 1 sentence about a dumb oc or favorite character that is vague but will make me laugh. 

Oska was originally my most tragic male oc, but now I just think he’s a clingy little bitch. Am I doing this right?

10. What are your general feelings about tumblr?

11. In a turn based rpg setting, what role would you have?

The quite but alluring sidekick who probably gets fatally wounded but lives on in their hearts forever.

Okay my questions areee

1. Who is your favourite Gorilla who knows sign language?

2. What is your favourite type of dere? (like Yandere Tsundere)

3. What’s the worst book you’ve ever read?

4. What’s the worst/best short story you’ve had to write for English?

5. Have you ever found animal poop in a place were you wish you hadn’t?

6. One thing that keeps you up at night.

7. Last song to get stuck in your head and this was cool at first, but now it’s just annoying?

8. Your favourite ‘bad’ music video that you like, because it is so bad?

9. Why the hell is it so hard to come up with 11 questions?

10. A thing that bugs you when it really shouldn’t? (like a pet peeve)

11. If Tumblr shut down tomorrow with no warning, what would your honest reaction be?


Okay, now I need to tag people, im not even gonna bother with 11 people because im a spechul snoflek and da rulez don’t apply 2 me XP

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Sup guys

Now, I’ve noticed that some of you have shown your love for that Bonnie Bunny fanart I drew the other day.

While I am so happy you all like it so much. (seriously I am pleased as punch and it means so much to me)

Could I please request that you ask permission to use my art in any type of confessions? Because it has come to my attention that a Dirty confession blog has been submitted my pic with a confession on the bottom of it. I will give my dues, they did credit me as the artist and linked back to me, (thank you for that courtesy) 

But I had no idea someone had done this until a friend linked it to me. So, in future, please shoot me an ask before you use my art for stuff like this. Especially in nsfw blogs.

Thank you.

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i’m a film student